Ruban Tamrakar - Portfoliio

The Anti-Propaganda Propaganda

MFA Thesis, Rochester Institute of Technology

A visual propaganda, using motion graphics and incorporating the Swiss style graphic design, with a message to decipher news media’s message.

Thesis proposal:
Create motion graphics animation to show news media's influence on society. The approach I took for my thesis, is amongst several theories that deal with the relationship between media and society. One theory says media has a big impact on society, another says society has a big impact on media, another one says people only watch media to reinforce their beliefs. For the purpose of my project, I picked the theory that says, media has a big impact on society.

Motion integrated with the Swiss-style graphic design. I wanted to focus on achieving a flat/2D look, minimalistic design elements, simplified shapes and use of solid, bold colors.,

Since this is a propaganda, it was necessary to have a compelling narrative. In my proposal, I had mentioned how the news media is controlled by a few corporations, and how they are using that status to control the general media. And in the end, us, human beings, being the smartest species shouldn't be fooled by media's tactics, and to do so we have to relentlessly question what we see and hear.